List of Police Stations in Maldives

About Maldives Police Service (MPS)

Founded: 1 September 2004
Headquarters: Shaheed Hussain Adam Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male, Maldives
Legal Jurisdiction: Republic of Maldives
The Maldives Police Service (MPS) is the civilian national police force of the Republic of Maldives. It is responsible for enforcing criminal and traffic law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace throughout Maldives. The organization comes under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs

Maldives Police Rank

  1. Commissioner of police
  2. Deputy commissioner
  3. Assistant commissioner
  4. Chief superintendent
  5. Superintendent of police
  6. Chief inspector of police
  7. Inspector of police
  8. Sub inspector of Police

Maldives Police Emergency Number

View the List of Maldives Police Station Address, Phone Number, Email, Opening Hours, Website through the below table

CityAreaPolice StationAddressHours
MaldivesMaleVilimale Police StationPolice Station, Villingili, Shamsuddheen Magu, Male, Maldives
MaldivesMaleGalolhu Police StationAmeenee Magu, Male, Maldives
MaldivesMaleMaafannu Police StationHaveeree Hingun, Male, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesMaleIskandharu KoshiMale, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesMaamigiliMaamigili Police StationAmeenee Magu, Maamigili, Maldives
MaldivesMalePolice Tow YardMale, MaldivesMonday to Thursday, 6?am-12?am, Friday, Closed, Saturday and Sunday, 6?am-12?am
MaldivesMaamendhooMaamedhoo Police StationMaamendhoo, Maldives
MaldivesViligiliGA.Police StationSamugaa Magu, Viligili, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesFunadhooFunadhoo Police StationHeenaamagu Road, Funadhoo, Maldives
MaldivesMathiveriAA. Mathiveri Police StationRahvehige, Season Magu, Mathiveri, Maldives
MaldivesHimmafushiHimmafushi Police StationPolice Station, Himmafushi 08060, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesNaifaruNaifaru Police StationNaifaru Police Station, Naifaru 07020, Maldives
MaldivesHanimaadhooHanimaadhoo Police StationRunway Magu, Hanimaadhoo, Maldives
MaldivesKolhufushiKolhufushi Police StationKolhufushi, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesVaadhooVaadhoo Police StationVaadhoo, Maldives
MaldivesMaafushiMaafushi Police StationMaafushi police, Maafushi, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesFelidhooFelidhoo Police StationFelidhoo, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesKurendhooRenting Police StationLhosgas Magu, Kurendhoo, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesMaleFamily and Child Protection DepartmentKanbaa Aisa Rani Hingun, Male, Maldives
MaldivesAddu CityGan Police StationAddu City, Maldives
MaldivesThulhaadhooThulhaadhoo Police StationZiyaaraiy Magu, Thulhaadhoo, MaldivesMonday to Thursday, 8?am-4?pm, Friday to Saturday, Closed, Sunday, 8?am-4?pm
MaldivesFaresmaathodaaFaresmaathoda Police StationBodumagu, Faresmaathodaa, Maldives
MaldivesHolhudhooHolhudhoo Police StationMeynaa Magu Rd, Holhudhoo, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesGanL. Gan Police StationGan, Maldives
MaldivesCausewayFondahoo Police StationCauseway, Fonadhoo, MaldivesMonday to Sunday, Open 24 hours
MaldivesIhavandhooMaldives Police StationIhavandhoo, Maldives
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