List of Police Stations in Lebanon


About Lebanon Police

Founded: 1860
Headquarters: Beirut
Specialist Jurisdiction: Paramilitary law enforcement, Counter insurgency and Riot control.
The Internal Security Forces Directorate is the national police and security force of Lebanon. The Police Department has a long history in Lebanon. In years as far back as 1767, Constables enforced the laws; Superintendents served the Department from 1904 until 1909; and, in 1910, the City (then just a Town) named its first Chief of Police to lead its police force.

Lebanon Police Ranks

  1. General
  2. Major General
  3. Brigadier General
  4. Colonel
  5. Lieutenant Colonel
  6. Major
  7. Captain
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Second Lieutenant
  10. Chief Warrant Officer
  11. Warrant Officer
  12. First Adjutant
  13. Adjutant
  14. Sergeant First Class
  15. Sergeant

Lebanon Police Emergency Number

  • Police: 112
  • Lebanese Red Cross: 140
  • Fire Department: 175
  • General Security: 1717
  • Civil Defense: 125
  • Lebanese Army: 1701
  • Military Operation’s Room: 117

View the List of Police Stations in Lebanon Address, Phone Number, Email, Opening Hours, Website through the below table.

CountryCityPolice StationAddressEmail
LebanonBeirutHbeish Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBeirutTayouneh Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBiaqoutBiakout Police StationEast Suburbs Lebanon, Biaqout,
LebanonBeirutChoueifat Police StationBeirut,
LebanonGhazirGhazir Police StationGhazir,
LebanonBeirutGemmayze Police StationBeirut,
LebanonQennabet BroummanaBroumana Police StationQennabet Broummana,
LebanonBeirutWadi Abou Jmil Police StationBeirut,
LebanonTannourine El FaouqaTannourine Police DepartmentTannourine El Faouqa,
LebanonBeirutAchrafieh Police StationBeirut,
LebanonDekwanehDekwaneh - Internal Security ForcesDekwaneh,
LebanonBeirutEmile Helou Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBteghrineAlshawyeh Police StationAlshawyeh, Bteghrine,
LebanonGhazirProlific SpeciesGhazir,
LebanonBeirutBarbar Khazen Police BarraksBeirut,
LebanonChehimeChhim Police OfficeChehime,
LebanonKousbaDahr El Ain Police StationTripoli - Kousba Rd,
LebanonNihaNiha OutpostNiha,
LebanonRemhalaGeneral Directorate Of Internal Security Qabr Shmoon BranchUnnamed Rd,
LebanonBeirutMafrazat Beirut - Traffic PoliceBeirut,
LebanonHaret HreikLebanon Police StationHaret Hreik,
LebanonBeit Ed DineBeiteddine Family - PoliceUnnamed Rd, Beit Ed Dine,
LebanonMaqsabiJiyeh Police StationMaqsabi,
LebanonHeriHeri Police ChekkaHeri,
LebanonBeirutAl-Awzai Medical Center In Al-GhobeiryBeirut,
LebanonBaakleenBaakline Police StationBaakleen,
LebanonZahleAl Moallaqah Police StationZahle,
LebanonHaret HreikBorj Albarajneh Police StationHaret Hreik,
LebanonByblosJbeil Police StationByblos,
LebanonBeirutMina El Hosn Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBroummanaBroumana GendarmerieBroummana,
LebanonGhobeiryGhobeiry Police StationGhobeiry,
LebanonBeirutRamlet Al Baydaa Police StationBeirut,
LebanonSaida HighwayOuzai Police StationBeirut - Saida Hwy,
LebanonAaramounAramoun Police StationAaramoun,
LebanonChiyahChiayah Police StationChiyah,
LebanonAmiounAmioun Police DepartmentAmioun,
LebanonZghartaSaray ZghartaZgharta,
LebanonJouniehJounieh Police StationJounieh,
LebanonBeirutPatrakyieh Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBaabdaMunicipal PoliceBaabda,
LebanonAin ZhaltaAin Zhalta Police StationAin Zhalta,
LebanonBeirutRas Beirut Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBeit Ed-DineBeit Al Dine Police StationBeit Ed-Dine,
LebanonJal El DibJal El Dib Police StationJal El Dib,
LebanonHadathHadath Baalbek OutpostHadath,
LebanonHammanaHammana Station - PoliceHammana,
LebanonDekwanehDekouane Police StationDekwaneh,
LebanonBorj El BrajnehAlmraijeh Police StationBorj El Brajneh,
LebanonHadathHadath Police StationHadath,
LebanonBeirutRawshe Police StationBeirut,
LebanonBourj HammoudBourj Hammoud Station - PoliceBourj Hammoud,
LebanonQartabaQartaba Police DepartmentQartaba,
LebanonChekkaChekka Beach Police StationChekka,
LebanonBeirutBarracks Police StationBeirut,
LebanonHaret HreikGendarmerie Haret Hreik | Haret Hreik Police OfficeHaret Hreik,
LebanonBeirutGeneral Security HeadquartersBeirut,
LebanonJnahChiayah Police StationJnah,
LebanonDeir El QamarDeir Al-Qamar FamilyDeir El Qamar,
LebanonTripoliAl Nejmeh Police StationTripoli,
LebanonJbaaJbaa Police StationJbaa,
LebanonZahleZahle Police StationZahle,
LebanonWadi El DoumDahr El Baydar Police StationWadi El Doum,
LebanonDamourDamour Police StationDamour,
LebanonMdeyrejMdairej Police StationMdeyrej,
LebanonZahleAl Karak Police StationZahle,
LebanonBeirutGeneral Directorate Of The General Security Of LebanonAdlieh, Beirut,
LebanonZahleZahle Municipality Police StationJoseph Skaff Park, Zahle,
LebanonGhobeiryBir Hassan Police StationGhobeiry,
LebanonZeftaZefta Police StationZefta,
LebanonBeddaouiAl-Atour Police StationBeddaoui,
LebanonCamil ChamounSir Baabda Detachment - Police AcademyCamil Chamoun,
LebanonBeit ChamaBeit Chama Police StationBeit Chama,
LebanonBeirutGeneral Directorate Of Internal Security ForcesBeirut,
LebanonSfirehSfireh Police StationSfireh,
LebanonChoueirGeneral Security - Dhour ShweirChoueir,
LebanonQaaAl Qaa Police StationQaa,
LebanonErbilMdairej Police StationErbil,
LebanonAl ZabadaniAl-Zabadani Police Station And Al-SarayaAl-Baladiah St, Al Zabadani,
LebanonDraykishAldirikic Police StationDraykish,
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