List of Police Stations in Colombia

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CityAreaPolice StationAddress
ColombiaMedellinCandelaria Police StationCl 44A #55-50, La Candelaria, Medellin, La Candelaria, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaLos Martires Police StationKr 24 #12-32, Los Martires, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEsmad Police StationTv. 20a #3-70, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaChapinero Police StationCra. 2 #55-4, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaNational Police Cai CazucaCra. 17 Este #48-23, Bogota, Soacha, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEl Campin Police StationAve Cra 30 #57a8, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEighth Police Station Kennedya 78n-98 Calle 41 Sur, 78n-2, Kennedy, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaRafael Uribe Uribe Police StationCl. 27 Sur #24-39, Tunjuelito, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaFontibon Police StationCra. 98 #16 B-50, Fontibon, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaGaula National PoliceCra. 9 #519, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaMetropolitan PoliceCl. 55 #1076, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaPuente Aranda Police StationCra. 39 #10-25, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaBase Delta - Police Substation43 Sur, con Calle 23C, Cl. 31 Sur #23 A, Tunjuelito, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCommand Police DepartmentCra. 58 #9-43, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaChapinero Police Sub StationCl. 68 #11-60, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaLourdes Police StationCl. 64 #10, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaAntonio Narino Fifteenth Police StationCl. 19 Sur #24-19, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaQuiroga Police StationCl. 31 Sur #43, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Santa MatildeCl. 8 Sur #35-71, Puente Aranda, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaGeneral Directorate Of The National Police - DiponCra. 59 #26-21, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai TechoCra. 78B #06 Sur-05, Kennedy, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai GalanCra. 56 #5c-72, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEngativa Tenth Police StationCra. 78a #70-54, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaTwenty Second Regional Police StationCra. 7, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Altamira-PinaresDg. 48 Sur #13b-Este 20, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai City BernCra. 10, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaLa Paz PoliceUnnamed Rd,, Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaPolice Station7b Este64, Cl. 1a Bis #7b Este31, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaSanta Cecilia Police StationCra. 81 #24d75, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai CaldasDg. 2c #79-39, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaPolice Station District JailCra. 8 #1c Sur10, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCarabineros National Police StationBogota, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai CandelariaCl. 62 Sur #43c - 04, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai FedermanCra 45 #58a10, Teusaquillo, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai ValvaneraCl. 29 Sur #25-42, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaSoacha Tv 17 Police StationCl. 26 Sur #5b Sur10, Soacha, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCiudad Bolivar Police StationDg. 70 Sur, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai CastillaDg. 9 #78 C-15 A, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaSectional Criminal Investigation Sijin MebogCra. 15 #6-20, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaGeneral Santander National Police AcademyCl. 45a Sur #50a-91, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEl Dorado Airport Police StationAc. 26 #11687, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaBosa Seventh Police Station BosaCl. 66 Sur #78-2, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaC.A.I. Santa LibradaCalle 75A Sur 1d Este12, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogota Cai August 7Esquina Calle 64, Nqs, Barrios Unidos, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaLa Aguadita Police StationLa Aguadita, Fusagasuga, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaIbagueMetropolitan Police Of Ibague# a 22-90, Cra. 2a #222, Ibague, Tolima, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaAuxiliary Bachilleres Station MebogCalle 13 Sur 11 Este 37, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaFacatative Police JailFacatativa, Facatativa, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCivic PoliceDg. 61c #27 - 21, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCazuca Police StationBogota, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai VerbenalCl. 186, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaCai Tres ReyesCra. 77c, Cdad. Bolivar, Soacha, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai GuacamayasCl. 37a Sur #358, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaChapineroCai ChapineroCON CALLE 60, Cra. 9, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Diana TurbayCl. 48x Bis Sur #1-33, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaKennedy Family Police StationCl. 8 #69d-1, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai BoliviaCl. 7 #998, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai OneidaAv. 1 de Mayo #38B, Kennedy, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaNational Police Anti-Narcotics DirectorateBogota, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai BellavistaCra. 94 #63, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Arborizadora HighCra. 43a #73 Sur8, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaUri CarvajalCra. 69 #36 Sur-2 a 36 Sur-98, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai ParaisoCl. 71p Sur #27m-04, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai LibertadoresCra. 11a Este #52, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai TimizaCl. 43 Sur, Kennedy, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai SocorroCra. 77q #29, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Monserrate# a 22-55, Cra. 3 Este #221, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Bello HorizonteCl. 31c Sur #3-70, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai YomasaAc. 91 Sur, Usme, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaLa Capilla Police StationSoacha, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaSantanderColombia National Police Station CenterCra. 38 #33-34, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaSuba Police StationSuba, Bogota, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEl Porvenir Police InspectorateCalle 12 #5-23, Porvenir Rio 2, Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai PaloquemaoCra. 25, Los Martires, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Plaza De Las AmericasAv. Boyaca #6, Kennedy, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaSoacha Police CommandSoacha, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Santa Barbara42, Av. Pepe Sierra #61, Usaquen, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaDitraCl. 13 #18-33, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaMosquera Police StationCl. 3 #197, Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaPolice CatchCra 45 #24b13, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaOrchestraColombia National Police HeadquartersCl. 67b #68f-03, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai PerdomoCl. 64 Sur, Cdad. Bolivar, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai MacarenaCarrera 114, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai CrucesCra. 8 #233, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaEstacion De Policia Guaduas Kr 4 Cl 1SGuaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Normandia10, Boyaca #52, Teusaquillo, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai ChapineroCl. 72 #7-00, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaCai River PorvenirMosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaEnvironmental And Ecological Police MebogCra. 60 #6375, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaValle del CaucaRetainer Police StationSonso, Guacari, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai Puente ArandaCra. 56 #1477, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBoyacaEstacion Movil PoliciaMiravalle, Moniquira, Boyaca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai San Jose BosaCl. 80 Sur, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai StationCl. 60a Sur, Bosa, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai AlqueriaCra. 52 #59, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBarrancaBarranca De Upia Police Stationa 2-119, Cl. 11 #2-1, Barranca, Meta, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaCai RomaCra. 80, Kennedy, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaSpecial Police DistrictCl 40, Soacha, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaCaqueza Police StationCra. 4, Caqueza, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaRicaurte Police StationCra. 15 #6-01, Ricaurte, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai LuceroCarrera 20 #35, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaValle del CaucaCai San AntonioCarrera 10 #Calle 1 Oeste, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
ColombiaTolimaCai EstadioCarrera 4, Ibague, Tolima, Colombia
ColombiaCundinamarcaFunza Police StationCl. 9 #18-65, Funza, Cundinamarca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai TierralindaCl. 127c #490, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai VersallesCl. 23 #10740, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaCai GranadaCl. 64a, Bogota, Colombia
ColombiaBoyacaPaipa Police CommandCl. 25 #N 20-29, Paipa, Boyaca, Colombia
ColombiaBogotaRestrepo Police InspectionDg. 19 Sur #1933, Bogota, Colombia

About Colombia Police

Founded: 5 November 1891
Founder: Carlos Holguin Mallarino
Operations Jurisdiction: Colombia
The National Police of Colombia is the national police force of the Republic of Colombia. Although the National Police is not part of the Military Forces of Colombia, it constitutes along with them the “Public Force” and is also controlled by the Ministry of Defense.

Colombia Police Ranks

  1. General
  2. Mayor General
  3. Brigadier General
  4. Coronel
  5. Teniente Coronel
  6. Mayor
  7. Capitan
  8. Teniente
  9. Subteniente

Colombia Police Emergency Number

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