List of Police Stations in Chile

View the List of Police Stations in Chile Address, Phone number, Hours, Email and Website through the above table.

Chile Police Official Website:

How to become a Police Officer in Chile?: Procedure, Eligibility, Salary

View the Procedure to become a Police Officer in Chile?: Eligibility, Salary through the above link.

Chile Police Rank

  1. General Director
  2. General Inspector
  3. General
  4. Coronel
  5. Lieutenant colonel
  6. Mayor
  7. Captain
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Second Lieutenant

How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Chile?

View the Procedure to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Chile through the above link.

How to get a police clearance Certificate

Chile Police Emergency Number

  • Carabineros (Police): 133, 911
  • Ambulancia (Ambulance): 131
  • Bomberos (Fire): 132

View the List of Police Stations in Chile Address, Phone number, Hours, Email and Website through the below table.

CityPolice Station NameAddress
Av. Las Torres34 Police Station Vista AlegreAv. Las Torres 7468, 9200393 Cerrillos, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Bezanilla57 Comisaria MotorizadaBezanilla 1546, 8380466 Independencia, Region Metropolitana, Chile
BuinPdi BuinBajos de Matte 02, 9500572 Buin, Region Metropolitana, Chile
ColinaPDI Policia De InvestigacionesDiecinueve de Julio 0850, 9350367 Colina, Region Metropolitana, Chile
ColtaucoCarabinerosColtauco, OHiggins, Chile
ConchaliBrigada De Investigacion CriminalAugusto Ossa 3080, 8540860 Conchali, Region Metropolitana, Chile
JanequeoSubcomisaria Lo BesaJanequeo 5751, 8500081 Quinta Normal, Region Metropolitana, Chile
La ConcepcionLocal Police 1er.juzgado ProvidenceLa Concepcion 46, piso 2, 7500000 Providencia, Region Metropolitana, Chile
La PintanaCarabineros De ChileLa Primavera 3741, 8150215 La Pintana, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Las CabrasReten LlallauquenLas Cabras, O Higgins, Chile
Los LagosSecond Commissioner Rio NegroBernardo OHiggins N 520, Rio Negro, Los Lagos, Chile
MauleBrigada de Investigacion Criminal CauquenesCarrera 298, 3690858 Cauquenes, Maule, Chile
MelipillaCarabineros De Chile698, Ortuzar 652, Melipilla, Region Metropolitana, Chile
MelipillaBicrim MelipillaSilva Chavez 1137, 9580703 Melipilla, Region Metropolitana, Chile
NancaguaTenencia NancaguaNancagua, O Higgins, Chile
NunoaGeneral Alexander Bernales Police DepartmentGeneral Alejandro Bernales 5147, Nunoa, Region Metropolitana, Chile
OsornoPampa Alegre Retention581, Los Alamos 521, Osorno, Los Lagos, Chile
OsornoCarabineros of Chile - Reten OvejeriaC. Colbun 740, 5312042 Osorno, Los Lagos, Chile
Peumo5ta Comisaria De PeumoCarmen 33, Peumo, O Higgins, Chile
Puente Alto20 Comisaria Puente AltoBalmaceda 421, 8180873 Puente Alto, Region Metropolitana, Chile
RencaSubcomisaria Lo VelasquezAv. Brasil 7845, 8660952 Renca, Region Metropolitana, Chile
RosarioCarabinerosRosario, Rengo, O Higgins, Chile
San BernardoPrefectura Santiago CostaBulnes 927, 8071319 San Bernardo, Region Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoPdi Parking Police DepartmentGral. Prieto 1397-1601, 8380673 Independencia, Regin Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoPolicia de InvestigacionesCarlos Silva Vildosola 9766, La Reina, Region Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoTenencia Carabineros de ChileLos Libertadores 203, 9810274 El Monte, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Santiago50 Comisaria San joaquinAv. Carlos Valdovinos 282, 8950096 San Joaquin, Region Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoBrigada movilCerrillos, Cerrillos, Chile, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
SantiagoPDI Las condesVicente Huidobro 191, 7560243 Las Condes, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Santiago40 Special Forces CommissionerCardenal Jose Maria Caro, Lo Espejo, Region Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoPDI Puente AltoErnesto Alvear 165, 8211372 Puente Alto, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Santiago51 Comisaria Pedro Aguirre CerdaCentroamerica 4210, Santiago, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Santiago2da. Comisaria CarabinerosToesca 2351, 8370268 Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Santiago18th Police Station NunoaLic. de Las Penas 5147, Santiago, Nunoa, Region Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoGendarmeriaArtemio Gutierrez, 8360845 Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
SantiagoSub-Comisaria de Carabineros Calera de TangoAvenida esquina, Calera de Tango & Alfonso Ruiz Tagle, Calera de Tango, Region Metropolitana, Chile
ValparaisoTenencia las CrucesAv. Errazuriz 145, Las Cruces, El Tabo, Valparaiso, Chile
Valparaiso3 Comisaria de los AndesSta. Teresa 491, Los Andes, Valparaiso, Chile

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