List of Police Station in Romania

Romanian Police (Poliția Română)

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About Romania Police

Founded: 1989
Operations Jurisdiction: ROU
Headquarters: Bucharest
The Romanian Police is the national police force and main civil law enforcement agency in Romania. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and it is led by a General Inspector with the rank of Secretary of State.

Romania Police Emergency Number

  • Police or Fire: 112.

Romania Police Rank

  1. General
  2. Major General
  3. Brigadier General
  4. Lieutenant General
  5. Colonel
  6. Major
  7. Captain
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Lieutenant Colonel

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CityPolice StationAddressHours
MiercureaMiercurea Ciuc Police Station Bulevardul Fratiei 6, Miercurea Ciuc 530112, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours
BucurestiThe General Inspectorate Of Romanian PoliceStrada Mihai Voda 6, Bucuresti 030167, Romania
BucurestiGeneral Directorate Of Bucharest PoliceCalea Victoriei 19, Bucuresti 030023, Romania
BucurestiRomania Police Station Dj701, Branistea 137050, Romania
BucurestiRomania Police Precinct 11 Calea Vitan 43, Bucuresti, RomaniaMonday to Wednesday: 8am-12pm 2-4pm, Thursday:10am-2pm, 4-6pm,Friday: 9am-1pm, Saturday - Sunday: Closed.
CuciRomania Police StationE60, Cuci 547195, Romania
PitestiRomania Police Station 1 Strada Victoriei 1, Pitesti, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours
BucurestiRomania Police Section 3 Strada General H. M. Berthelot 34, Bucuresti 010164, Romania
BucurestiRomania Police Station 2 Strada Promoroaca 10, Bucuresti 077190, Romania
BaciaRomania Police StationDj668D, Bacia 337040, Romania
SighisoaraSighisoara Police Department Strada Andrei Saguna 10, Sighisoara 545400, Romania
Cluj-NapocaCluj-Napoca PoliceStrada Decebal 26, Cluj-Napoca 400124, Romania
Zau De CampieZau De Campie Police Com. Zau De Campie, Mures, Zau De Campie, Romania
BucurestiSection 6 PoliceStrada Paul Greceanu 36, Bucuresti, Romania
Curtea De ArgesCurtea De Arges Police Strada 1 Decembrie 1918, Curtea De Arges 115300, Romania
BucurestiRomania Police Station 19 Strada Amurgului 17, Bucuresti 051985, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours
BrasovRomania Police Station 2Str. Closca 15, Brasov 500040, Romania
SibiuSibiu County Police InspectorateStrada Revolutiei 4-6, Sibiu 550170, Romania
BuciumRomania Police Station Dj107I, Bucium 517165, Romania
Izvoru CrisuluiIzvoru Crisului Police StationDn1 40, Izvoru Crisului 407340, Romania
MrenestiCre?eni Police StationDj677A, Mrenesti, RomaniaMonday - Friday: 8am-4pm,Saturday - Sunday: Closed
HunedoaraMunicipal Police Station Bloc 14, Strada Ion Luca Caragiale 14, Hunedoara 331015, Romania
SibiuTraffic Police SibiuStrada Revolutiei 4-6, Sibiu 550170, Romania
SlatinaCity Police Slatina Str. Primaverii 15, Slatina 230128, Romania
SibiuHistorical Center Police Section 2Str. Avram Iancu 5, Sibiu 550183, Romania
BucurestiRomania Police Section 25 Aleea Callatis 1A, Bucuresti 061924, RomaniaMonday - Tuesday: 9am-3pm,Wednesday:10am-6pm, Thursday:9am-3pm, Friday:9am-2pm,Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Luj-NapocaCluj-Napoca Police Station 6Strada Observatorului 1, Cluj-Napoca 400066, Romania
SonaRomania Police StationDj107, Sona, Romania
BacauRomania Police Department 1 Strada Constantin Ene 2, Bacau 600115, Romania
ZarnestiZarnesti Police StationStrada Mare 173, Zarnesti 505800, Romania
BanisorBanisor Police Station Dj191E 30, Banisor 457030, Romania
PloiestiUrban Police Division 2 Soseaua Vestului 19, Ploiesti 100298, Romania
BrasovRomania Police Section 1 Strada Iuliu Maniu 52, Brasov 500091, Romania
CorundRomania Police StationStrada Principala 594, Corund 537060, Romania
Cluj-NapocaRomania Police Cluj 2Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 43, Cluj-Napoca 400124, Romania
BrasovRomania Police Sector 5 Strada Neptun 1Bis, Brasov 500348, Romania
BrasovRomania Police Section 4 Strada Prunului 37, Brasov 500322, Romania
SaduRomania Police StationDj105G, Sadu 557220, Romania
PloiestiUrban Police Division 3 Strada Minerva 4, Ploiesti 100222, Romania
TargovisteTargoviste Police StationStrada General Ion Emanoil Florescu 8, Targoviste, Romania
Cluj-NapocaPolice Cluj Napoca – Section 4Strada Bucium, Cluj-Napoca 407280, Romania
CosobaCastlereagh Police StationCom. Cosoba, Giurgiu, Cosoba, Romania
TimisoaraRomania Police Section 4Piata Avram Iancu 14, Timisoara, Romania
CatinaCatina Police StationDc22 152, Catina 407170, Romania
SoarsSoars Police Station Strada Principala 99, Soars 507215, Romania
RasnovRasnov Police StationIzvorului, Rasnov 505400, Romania
MugeniMugeni Police Station Dj137, Mugeni 537205, Romania
PitestiMunicipala Police StationStrada Razboieni 4, Pitesti 117141, Romania
BradBrad Police StationStrada Cuza Voda, Brad 335200, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours.
DraguDragu Police StationDj109 254A, Dj109 254A, Dragu, Romania, Romania
SacuieuSacuieu Police StationDj103H 57, Sacuieu 407495, Romania
FagarasFagaras Police StationStrada Doamna Stanca 28, Fagaras 507010, Romania
HunedoaraRapoltu Mare Police StationStr. Principala, 68, Com. Rapoltu Mare, Hunedoara, Rapoltu Mare 337365, Romania
Odorheiu SecuiescCity Police SzekelyudvarhelyStrada Bethlen Gabor 53, Odorheiu Secuiesc 535600, Romania
SimisnaSimisna Police Station SimisnaDj108S 400, Simisna 457294, Romania
CampeniCampeni Police StationStrada Libertatii 3, Campeni 515500, Romania
AmarastiAmarasti Police StationDj677A, Amarasti 247015, RomaniaMonday - Friday: 8am-4pm,Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Salciua DeSalciua De Police StationDn75, Salciua De Jos 517648, Romania
MicaLittle Police StationDj172F 222A, Mica 407395, Romania
BucurestiRegional Police StationCalea Giulesti 2-4, Bucuresti 060274, Romania
BrasovPoiana Brasov PoliceStrada Poiana Soarelui, Brasov 500001, Romania
BrasovRomania Police StationStrada 13 Decembrie 17A, Brasov 500164, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours.
BascovRural Police Station 3 Strada Paisesti, Bascov 117045, Romania
GalatiRomania Police Section 3Bloc G1, Parter, Strada Laminoristilor 10, Galati 800640, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours.
SubcetateSubcetate Police StationStr. Principala, 13, Com. Subcetate, Harghita, Subcetate, Romania
BucurestiRomania Police Section 8 Soseaua Mihai Bravu 129, Bucuresti, RomaniaMonday - Thursday:8am-12pm2-4pm, Friday: 9am-1pm, Saturday - Sunday: Closed
TulceaRomania Police Of Tulcea f TulceaStrada Spitalului 2, Tulcea, Romania
AmarastiAmarasti Police StationAmarasti 247015, RomaniaMonday - Friday: 8am-4pm,Saturday - Sunday: Closed
PaulestiPaulesti Police StationDj205L, Paulesti 627371, Romania
NicolinaRomania Police Station No. 6Sos. Nicolina 57, Iasi 700684, Romania
SalvaRomania Police StationCom. Salva, Bistrita-Nasaud, Salva, Romania
Santana De MuresSantana De Mures Police StationCom. Santana De Mures, Mures, 547565, Santana De Mures 547565, Romania
AlbaJidvei Police Station Com. Jidvei, Alba, Romania
IcoanaIcoana Police Station Dj703, Icoana, Romania
IonestiAutostrada A1 Police StationIonesti 137354, Romania
CorbuCorbu Police StationD Corbu 537330, Romania
ComisaniComisani Police PostComisani 137120, Romania
BerceniBerceni Police StationCom. Berceni, Prahova, 107060, Berceni 107060, Romania
AchieriValea Calugareasca PoliceCom. Valea Calugareasca, Prahova, 107620, Rachieri, Romania
RazvadRazvad Police StationDn72, Razvad 137395, Romania
ZalauCounty Police Department Strada Tudor Vladimirescu 14A, Zalau, Romania
Ramnicu ValceaValcea County Police Inspectorate Calea Lui Traian 95, Ramnicu Valcea 240101, Romania
CalarasiCounty Police Inspectorate Bulevardul Republicii 50, Calarasi, Romania
SolovastruSolovastru Police StationCom. Solovastru, Mures, 547570, Solovastru 547570, Romania
BaraoltBaraolt Police StationStrada Kossuth Lajos 162, Baraolt 525100, Romania
LoznaLozna Police Station105, Lozna, Romania
LunguletuLozna Police StationStrada Principala, 943, Lunguletu 137280, Romania
Targu SecuiescTargu Secuiesc PoliceStrada Dozsa Gyorgy, Targu Secuiesc 525400, Romania
LivadiaBaile Olanesti PoliceStrada Liberta?ii 44, Livadia 245300, Romania
PucioasaPucioasa Police StationBulevardul Trandafirilor 3, Pucioasa 135400, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours.
PincestiPancesti Police StationCom. Pancesti, Bacau, Pincesti 607415, Romania
Vanatori-NeamtHunters Police StationCom. Vanatori-Neamt, Neamt, 617500, Vanatori-Neamt 617500, Romania
Lbesti-PaleologuAlbesti-Paleologu PoliceAlbesti-Paleologu 107010, Romania
Ramnicu SaratLocal Police StationStrada Victoriei 95-107, Ramnicu Sarat 125300, RomaniaMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours.
CiugudCiugud Police StationCom. Ciugud, Alba, Ciugud, Romania
HategHateg Police StationStrada Mihai Viteazu 3, Hateg 335500, Romania
SiculeniHateg Police Station Strada Principala 26, Siculeni 537295, Romania
Mintiu GherliiMintiu Gherlii Police StationDj172F 386, Mintiu Gherlii 407410, Romania
CartisoaraCirtisoara Police StationStrada In Boscani 74, Cartisoara 557075, Romania
Crevedia MareCrevedia Mare PoliceCom. Crevedia Mare, Giurgiu, Crevedia Mare, Romania
Brazii De SusBrazi Police StationBrazii De Sus 107083, Romania
Lacu RosuLacu Rosu Police Station Dn12C, Lacu Rosu 535502, Romania

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