List of Police Station in Greece

Website: Greece Police

About Greece Police

Founded: 1 November 1984
Operations Jurisdiction: Greece
Headquarters: Athens, Greece
The Hellenic Police is the national police service of Greece and is responsible for maintaining law and order, protecting citizens and property, and enforcing the laws of the country. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

Greece Police Rank

  1. Lieutenant General
  2. Major
  3. Major General
  4. Police Director
  5. Deputy Director
  6. Captain
  7. Lieutenant
  8. Warrant Officer
  9. Constable
  10. Senior Constable

Greece Police Emergency Number

View the List of Police Station in Greece Address, Phone Number, Email, Opening Hours, Website through the below table.

GreeceAthinaSyntagma Police Station Mimnermou 6, Athina 106 74, GreeceMonday to Sunday: Open 24
GreeceKerkiraCorfu Police Headquarters Ioulias Andreadi 1, Kerkira 491 00, GreeceMonday to Sunday: 8 am Р2
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