List of Federal Police Stations in Germany

Federal Police Official Website: Federal Police

About Federal Police (Bundespolizei or BPOL)

Founded: 1 July 2005, Germany

Jurisdiction: Germany

Police Officers: 42,885

The Federal Police is the national and principal federal law enforcement agency of the German Federal Government, being subordinate to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. The Federal Police is primarily responsible for border protection and railroad and aviation/air security.

Federal Police is Divided

Railway police

  • The route network comprises 33,399 kilometers of track with around 5,700 stations.

Border Police

  • The Border Police is responsible for the protection of 3,831 kilometers of land border and 888 kilometers of maritime border.

Aviation security

  • The Aviation Security division is responsible for air traffic security at 13 major German airports.

Federal Riot Police

  • The Federal Riot Police has 10 locations. The so-called operations departments are located in Ratzeburg, Uelzen, Blumberg, Bad Duben, Duderstadt, Sankt Augustin, Hünfeld, Bayreuth, Bad Bergzabern and Deggendorf.

View the List of Federal Police Stations in Germany Address, Phone Number, Email, Website and Services through the below table.

CityAreaAddressStation NameEmail
AngermundeSudringFederal Police Inspectorate AngermundeSudring 916278 AngermundeFederal Police
AnsbachBahnhofsplatzFederal police station in AnsbachBahnhofsplatz 291522 AnsbachFederal Police
AschaffenburgLudwigstrasseFederal police station in AschaffenburgLudwigstrasse 263739 AschaffenburgFederal Police
AugsburgViktoriastrasseFederal police station in AugsburgViktoriastrasse 386150 AugsburgFederal Police
Bad BentheimAchterbergFederal Police Inspectorate Bad BentheimAchterberg 10048455 Bad BentheimFederal Police
Bad BrambachOberbrambacherFederal police station in Bad BrambachOberbrambacher Hoehe 208648 Bad BrambachFederal Police
Bad EndorfStrobingFederal Police Sports School Bad EndorfStrobing 183093 Bad EndorfFederal Police Sports
Bad KreuznachEuropaplatzFederal police station in Bad KreuznachEuropaplatz 2555543 Bad KreuznachFederal Police
BambergZollnerstrasseFederal police training and advanced training center BambergZollnerstrasse 19096052 BambergFederal Police Training and Advanced Training
BerchtesgadenKuhrointhausFederal Police Training Center KuhrointhausPO Box 21 7083462 BerchtesgadenFederal Police Training
BienwaldDisc HardtFederal Police Station BienwaldBorder crossing federal road 976779 disc hardtFederal Police
BochumKurt-Schumacher-PlatzFederal police station in BochumKurt-Schumacher-Platz 1344787 BochumFederal Police
BoeblingenWolfgang-Brumme-AlleeFederal police headquarters in StuttgartWolfgang-Brumme-Allee 5271034 BoeblingenFederal Police
BremerhavenFriedrich-Ebert-StrasseFederal police station in BremerhavenGatehouse IIISenator-Borttscheller-Strasse 1b27568 BremerhavenAddress railway station: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 73, 27570 BremerhavenFederal Police
BrunsbuttelSchillerstrasseBrunsbuttel Federal Police StationSchillerstrasse 925541 BrunsbuttelFederal Police
BundeSchliekenwegBunde Federal Police StationSchliekenweg 626831 BundeFederal Police
ChemnitzBahnhofstrasseFederal police station Chemnitz main stationBahnhofstrasse 109111 ChemnitzFederal Police
CologneBergisch Gladbacher StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate for Combating Crime in CologneBergisch Gladbacher Strasse 83751069 CologneFederal Police
CologneMarzellenstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate CologneMarzellenstrasse 3-550667 CologneFederal Police
DarmstadtPoststrasseFederal police station in DarmstadtPoststrasse 1464293 DarmstadtFederal Police
DiezLimburger StrasseFederal police training and advanced training center in DiezLimburger Strasse 14665582 DiezFederal Police Training and Advanced Training
DortmundUntere BrinkstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate DortmundUntere Brinkstrasse 81-8944141 DortmundFederal Police
Efringen-KirchenEngetalstrabeFederal Police Inspectorate Weil am RheinEngetalstrabe 279588 Efringen-KirchenFederal Police
EmdenAm SeemannsheimFederal police station EmdenAm Seemannsheim 526723 EmdenFederal Police
EschweilerRue de WattrelosFederal police station Aachen-NordRue de Wattrelos 2952249 EschweilerFederal Police
EssenFreedomFederal police station in EssenFreedom 345127 EssenFederal Police
FlensburgValentinalleeFederal Police Inspectorate FlensburgValentinallee 2a24941 FlensburgFederal Police
FrankfurtPosenerFederal police station Frankfurt (Oder) railway stationPosener Hof 915230 Frankfurt (Oder)Federal Police
FrankfurtOkrifteler StreetFederal Police Headquarters Airport Frankfurt am MainAirport, building 17760549 Frankfurt am MainFederal Police
Frankfurt am MainWilhelm-Epstein-StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate Deutsche BundesbankWilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 1460431 Frankfurt am MainFederal Police
Freiburg im BreisgauWentzingerstrasseFederal police station in Freiburg im BreisgauWentzingerstrasse 2579106 Freiburg im BreisgauFederal Police
FreilassingWestendstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate FreilassingWestendstrasse 983395 FreilassingFederal Police
FreyungAm MarktFederal police station FreyungAm Markt 294078 FreyungFederal Police
FuldaZieherser WegFederal police station in FuldaAt the train station 336037 FuldaFederal Police
Garmisch-PartenkirchenLazarettstrasseFederal police station in Garmisch-PartenkirchenLazarettstrasse 7 A82467 Garmisch-PartenkirchenFederal Police
GelsenkirchenBochumer StrasseFederal police station GelsenkirchenBochumer Strasse 445879 GelsenkirchenFederal Police
GiebenBahnhofstrasseGiessen Federal Police StationBahnhofstrasse 90-9235390 GiebenFederal Police
GorlitzLudwigsdorfFederal Police Inspectorate LudwigsdorfOn the Autobahn 402828 GorlitzFederal Police
HagenBerliner PlatzFederal police station in HagenBerliner Platz 858089 HagenFederal Police
IngolstadtBahnhofstrasseFederal police station IngolstadtBahnhofstrasse 885051 IngolstadtFederal Police
KaiserslauternBahnhofstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate KaiserslauternBahnhofstrasse 2267655 KaiserslauternFederal Police
KarlsruheRintheimer QueralleeFederal Police Inspectorate KarlsruheRintheimer Querallee 1176131 KarlsruheFederal Police
KehlStrassburger StrasseFederal Police Station KehlStrassburger Strasse 277694 KehlFederal Police
KempenSchorndorfer StrasseFederal police station KempenSchorndorfer Strasse 2647906 KempenFederal Police
KemptenKaufbeurer StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate KemptenKaufbeurer Strasse 8087437 KemptenFederal Police
KleveEmmericher StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate KleveEmmericher Strasse 92-9447533 KleveFederal Police
KoblenzSudalleeFederal police headquarters in KoblenzSudallee 15-1956068 KoblenzFederal Police
KonstanzKonrad-Zuse-StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate KonstanzKonrad-Zuse-Strasse 678467 ConstanceFederal Police
LandshutBahnhofplatzLandshut federal police stationBahnhofplatz 184032 LandshutFederal Police
LautzenhausenHahnHahn Airport Federal Police StationTerminal55483 LautzenhausenFederal Police
LeipzigSchkeuditzTerminalring 1304435 Schkeuditz Postaladdress: Federal Police Inspectorate Leipzig, Willy-Brandt-Platz 2c, 04109 LeipzigFederal Police
LindauBrettermarktFederal police station in LindauBrettermarkt 288131 LindauFederal Police
LoerrachBasler StrasseFederal police station LorrachBasler Strasse 5179540 LoerrachFederal Police
MainzBahnhofplatzFederal police station in MainzBahnhofplatz 155116 MainzFederal Police
MannheimWilly-Brandt-PlatzFederal police station in MannheimWilly-Brandt-Platz 1768161 MannheimFederal Police
MeiningenLindenalleeFederal police station in MeiningenLindenallee 1a98617 MeiningenFederal Police
MoenchengladbachEuropaplatzFederal police station MonchengladbachEuropaplatz 1141061 MoenchengladbachFederal Police
MuhldorfRichard-Wagner-StrasseFederal police station in Muhldorf am Inn Richard-Wagner-Strasse 284453 Muhldorf a. InnFederal Police
MunichInfanteriestrasseFederal Police Headquarters in MunichInfanteriestrasse 680797 MunichFederal Police
MunsterBahnhofstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate MunsterBahnhofstrasse 148143 MunsterFederal Police
Neustadt an der WeinstrasseBahnhofsplatzFederal police station in Neustadt an der WeinstrasseBahnhofsplatz 1267434 Neustadt an der WeinstrasseFederal Police
Neustadt in HolsteinWieksbergstrasseFederal Police Directorate Bad Bramstedt - Directorate Federal Police SeeWieksbergstrasse 54/023730 Neustadt in HolsteinFederal Police
OberhausenWilly-Brandt-PlatzFederal police station in OberhausenWilly-Brandt-Platz 146045 OberhausenFederal Police
OerlenbachHeglerstrasseFederal police training and advanced training center in OerlenbachHeglerstrasse 1597714 OerlenbachFederal Police Training and Advanced Training
OffenburgStrassburger StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate OffenburgStrassburger Strasse 1477652 OffenburgFederal Police
OldenburgBahnhofsplatzFederal Police Station in OldenburgBahnhofsplatz 12d26122 OldenburgFederal Police
PassauDanziger StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate PassauDanziger Strasse 4994036 PassauFederal Police
PirnaRottwerndorfer StrasseFederal Police Headquarters PirnaRottwerndorfer Strasse 2201796 PirnaFederal Police
PrumKalvarienbergstrasseFederal police station PrumKalvarienbergstrasse 454595 PrumFederal Police
RecklinghausenGrosse-Perdekamp-StrasseFederal police station in RecklinghausenGrosse-Perdekamp-Strasse 245657 RecklinghausenFederal Police
SaarbruckenZum ZollstockFederal police station Saarbrucken-Goldene BremmZum Zollstock 8a66117 SaarbruckenFederal Police
SaarbruckenAm HbfFederal police station Saarbrucken main stationAt the main station 6-1266111 SaarbruckenFederal Police
SaarbruckenBexbachFederal Police Inspectorate SaarbruckenSaarpfalz Park 566450 BexbachFederal Police
Sankt AugustinFederal border protection roadFederal Police Headquarters in Sankt AugustinFederal border protection road 10053757 Sankt AugustinFederal Police
SchwandorfWeinbergstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate for Combating Crime in Munich - location SchwandorfWeinbergstrasse 4792421 SchwandorfFederal Police
SiegenAm BahnhofFederal police station in SiegenAt the train station 2057072 SiegenFederal Police
StuttgartMartha-Schmidtmann-StrasseFederal Police Inspectorate in StuttgartMartha-Schmidtmann-Strasse 1770374 StuttgartFederal Police
StuttgartKoenigstrasseFederal police station Stuttgart main stationKoenigstrasse 1a70173 StuttgartFederal Police
TrierWechselstrasseFederal Police Inspectorate TrierWechselstrasse 854290 TrierFederal Police
TuebingenEuropaplatzFederal police station in TubingenEuropaplatz 1772072 TuebingenFederal Police
UlmBahnhofplatzFederal police station in UlmBahnhofplatz 189073 UlmFederal Police
WalsrodeSchulstrasseFederal police training and advanced training center in WalsrodeSchulstrasse 3429664 WalsrodeFederal Police Training and Advanced Training
WiesbadenBahnhofsplatzFederal police station in WiesbadenBahnhofsplatz 165189 WiesbadenFederal Police
WuppertalDoppersbergFederal police station in WuppertalDoppersberg 3742103 WuppertalFederal Police
WurzburgBahnhofsplatzFederal Police Inspectorate in WurzburgBahnhofsplatz 297070 WurzburgFederal Police

Federal Police Vehicles


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