List of Bihar Police Stations in India

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About Bihar Police

Founded: 1935

Headquarters: Sardar Patel Bhavan, Bailey Road, Patna

Jurisdiction: Bihar

The Bihar Police Department is the law enforcement agency for the state of Bihar, India, with its headquarters in Patna. It has a sanctioned strength of 111,000 personnel, and as of 2017, employs 77,000 personnel. The Policing in Bihar is more than 3000 years old. In fact, there are documented historical references to policing practices adopted by the Magadh Empire.

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KadamkuanPolice StationRajendra NagarRajendra Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800016
SalimpurPolice StationBhagalpur RoadSalimpur, Bihar 803202
SaksohraPolice StationSaksohara WestSaksohara West, Bihar 803213
PurhnahiyaPolice StationPuranahiyaPuranahiya, Puranhia, Bihar 843334
DeepnagarPolice StationKisanbagKisanbag, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803216
MakhdumpurPolice StationGumati Line RoadMakhdumpur, Bihar 804422
BiharPolice HeadquartersSheikhpuraNand Gaon, Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800023
ChowkiPolice StationAmbedakar NagarNew Godown, Rajendra Path Rd, Ambedakar Nagar, Panchaiti Akhara, Gaya, Bihar 823001
ManpurPolice StationDhanukiManpur, Ps, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
KanakpurPolice StationDarbhanga - Sakri RoadKanakpur, Bihar 847239
BiharPolice Radio HeadquartersRajbanshi Nagar RoadRajbanshi Nagar Rd, North Patel Nagar, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800023
SonepurPolice StationBarbattaBarbatta, Sonepur, Bihar 841101
VaishaliPolice StationBasarhBasarh, Bihar 844128
KhizersaraiPolice StationKhizersarai Bypass RoadKhizersarai Bypass Road, Khizarsarai, Bihar 824233
NawanagarPolice StationNawanagarNear Police Stasion, Nawanagar, Bihar 802129
BelchhiPolice StationBelchhi RoadBelchhi, Bihar 803213
HajipurPolice StationVaishaliVaishali, Hajipur, Bihar 844101
MotihariPolice StationBelisaraiBelisarai, Motihari, Bihar 845401
MadhubaniPolice StationGillation Market CampusGillation Market Campus, Madhubani, Bihar 847211
GhoshiPolice StationGhosi RoadBandhuganj - Ghosi Rd, Ghoshi, Bihar 804406
KurthaPolice StationKinjar - Kurtha RoadKurtha, Bihar 804421
MuffasilPolice StationManpur RoadNh 82, Gaya, Bihar 823003
DariyapurPolice StationBelaSh73, Bela, Bihar 841221
WajirganjPolice StationGaya Nawada Sikandara RoadSinha Colony, Gaya, Nh-82, Gaya Nawada Sikandara Road, Gaya, Gaya, Bihar 823001
PurneaPolice LineShivaji ColonyShivaji Colony, Purnia, Bihar 854301
BhoreyPolice StationThana RoadBhorey, Bihar 841426
SheikhpuraPolice StationShahpur RoadSheikhpura, Bihar 811105
T.O.P.Police StationKagzi MuhallaRam Rajya More, Kagzi Muhalla, Siwan, Bihar 841226
KhudaganjPolice StationPanaharSh71, Khudaganj, Bihar 801303
Patna City ChowkPolice StationHaji Ganj RoadHaji Ganj Rd, Jhauganj, Hajiganj, Patna, Bihar 800008
KishanganjPolice StationDharamganjRailway Station, Opposite Education, Dharamganj, Kishanganj, Bihar 855107
ChandradeepPolice StationTajpur RoadChandradeep- Tajpur Road, Chandardip, Bihar 811301
AmnourPolice StationBalahaBalaha, Bihar 841401
Jahanabad MahilaPolice StationThana RoadThana Rd, Jehanabad, Bihar 804408
BelaganjPolice StationGumati Line RoadNh83, Belaganj, Bihar 804403
ChausaPolice StationSonar Patti RoadChausa, Bihar 852213
HarsidhiPolice StationPakariyaHarsidhi Pakariya, Bihar 845437
TelharaPolice StationTelhara Bazar RoadNh33, Telhara, Bihar 801301
BidupurPolice StationChak Mangar RoadBidupur, Bihar 844503
TekariPolice StationBela - Tekari RoadTekari, Bihar 824236
KiratpurPolice StationMukdumpurMukdumpur, Kiratpur Raja Ram, Bihar 844114
BhadokharaPolice StationNational Highway 31National Highway 31, Bhadokhara, Bihar 805110
IslampurPolice StationNorth Patel NagarSh 4, North Patel Nagar, Ranapratap Nagar, Islampur, Bihar 801303
Model TownPolice StationJehanabadNh 83, Jehanabad, Bihar 804408
AtriPolice StationTetuaTetua, Bihar 823311
BiharsharifSc/St Police StationNijay RoadBiharsharif - Nijay Rd, Amber, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
ParwalpurPolice StationDak Bangla RoadDak Bangla Road, National Highway 110, Parwalpur, Bihar 803114
NardiganjPolice StationPathanwari RoadNardiganj, Bihar 805109
PatnaPolice Control RoomGandhi Maidan RoadGandhi Maidan Rd, Muradpur, Patna, Bihar 800001
AmbaPolice StationDeo-Amba RoadDeo-Amba Road, Dadhpa Bigha, Near Bdo Office, Amba, Bihar 824111
Rampur ChauramPolice StationRampur Chauram RoadRampur Chauram Rd, Rampur Chauram, Bihar 804402
ArrahOffice Of Sp BhojpurRamna MaidanRamna Maidan, Behind Collectriate Ghat, Old Police Line, Arrah, Bihar 802301
AlipurPolice StationManikpurManikpur Baliari, Bihar 804435
KalpaSub Police StationKalpa RoadKalpa, Bihar 804408
HilsaPolice StationPatel Nagar RoadPatel Nagar Road, Hilsa, Bihar 801302
MohiuddinagarPolice StationThana RoadMohiuddinagar, Bihar 848501
BodhgayaPolice StationPolice Thana RoadPolice Thana Rd, Bodh Gaya, Bihar 824231
ManpurPolice StationBlahapur Station RoadMananpur, Manpur, Bihar 803101
Bihar SharifPolice LineAnchal BiharNh 31, Ranchi Highway, Anchal Bihar, Nalanda, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
NauhattaPolice StationKaranpur RoadRajhanpur - Karanpur Rd, Nauhatta, Bihar 852123
PhesarPolice StationStation RoadPhesar, Bihar 824121
Chak JamalPolice StationSadei Station RoadChak Jamal, Bihar 844506
Chehra KalanPolice StationMahua RoadChehra Kalan, Bihar 844118
NawadaPolice StationKachahari RoadKachahari Rd, Mangar Bigha, Nawada, Bihar 805110
DaudnagarPolice StationBarun RoadBarun Road, Daudnagar, Bihar 824113
Karai ParsuraiPolice StationMain RoadKarai Parsurai, Bihar 801304
ChandiPolice StationChandi-Sahar RoadChandi-Sahar Road, Sh 81, Narhi, Bihar 802161
KatrisaraiPolice StationKatri RoadKatri Rd, Katrisarai, Bihar 805105
VishunganjPolice StationMakhdumpurUnnamed Road, Makhdumpur, Bihar 804405
ShekhopurPolice StationWarisaliganj-Barbigha HighwayShekhopur Sarai Police Station, Warisaliganj-Barbigha Highway, Sugia, Bihar 811103
HarnautPolice StationHarnaut-Athmalgola RoadHarnaut-Athmalgola Rd, Harnaut, Bihar 803110
Nawada TownPolice StationNawada RoadNawada, Bihar 805111
KachhwaPolice StationBihta Bardiha RoadBihta Bardiha Rd, Kachhwa, Bihar 821309
SiktaPolice StationBalther - Sikta RoadSikta, Bihar 845307
PandarakhPolice StationPatnaPatna, Bihar 803221
TharthariPolice StationHilsa-Pilich RoadHilsa-Pilich Rd, Hilsa, Bihar 803120
GehlorPolice StationBhindus - Chamandih RoadGehlor, Bihar 823311
HisuaPolice StationWazirganj - Bakshoti RoadSh 8, Hisua, Bihar 805103
SasaramPolice StationKhilanganjKhilanganj, Laxkariganj, Sasaram, Bihar 821115
NoorsaraiPolice StationAndhnaSh74, Andhna, Bihar 803113
RahuiPolice StationMirzapurMirzapur, Bihar 803119
BuniyadganjPolice StationAlipurSh 4, Alipur, Bihar 823002
KormaPolice StationKorma RoadKorma Police Station, Korma, Bihar 811102
ChhabilapurPolice StationParwalpur RoadChhabila Pur, Bihar 803117
SheikhpuraPolice LineDharampurSheikhpura Zilla, Dharampur, Bihar 811105
Tara DhamaunOld Police StationHasanpur SuratHasanpur Surat, Tara Dhamaun, Bihar 848504
ParooPolice StationParoo RoadRoad, Near Mandir And Pond, Paroo, Bihar 843112
PiprahiPolice StationSisaula RoadPiprahi, Bihar 843334
KurhaniPolice StationKurhani RoadKurhani, Bihar 844120
BundelkhandPolice StationNawadaDr. Sultan Ahmad Colony, Nawada, Bihar 805110
MithahiPolice Station RkMathahi RoadMathahi, Bihar 852121
GokhulpurPolice StationAbdulhai ChakAbdulhai Chak, Bihar 803119
RajgirPolice StationShubham RoadShubham Road, Bihar 803116
WarisaliganjPolice StationKharanth RoadWarisaliganj, Bihar 805130
AkbarpurPolice StationAkbarpur Gobindpur RoadAkbarpur Gobindpur Rd, Panti, Bihar 805125
BenPolice StationBen - Parwalpur StreetBen, Bihar 803114
Bihar SharifTraffic Police StationOld Jail RoadOld Jail Rd, Kaghzi Mohalla, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
Pauthu Police Station in Chugging Road, Bihar, IndiaPolice StationChugging RoadPauthu, Bihar 824125
PaliPolice StationJehanabadJehanabad, Bihar 804418
RajgirPolice Acadmic CentreMoraMora, Bihar 803117
AngarhPolice StationAngarh RoadAngarh, Bihar 854315
Sadar AnumandalPolice OfficeBihar Thana RoadBihar Thana Rd, Amber, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
PanchananpurPolice StationTekari RoadPanchananpur, Bihar 824236
ChandiPolice StationAtal Thathri RoadChandi, Bihar 803108
LaxmipurPolice StationNajariSh 6, Najari, Bihar 811312
Narhat (Nawada)Police StationHisua - Narhat RoadNarhat, Bihar 805122
RpfPolice StationGayaStation Rd, Gol Bagicha, Gaya, Bihar 823001
DaniawanPolice StationRanchi - Patna RoadRanchi - Patna Rd, Daniawan, Bihar 803201
ChauriPolice StationKolodiharKolodihar, Bihar 802222
KiulPolice StationLakhisaraiUnnamed Road, Lakhisarai, Bihar 811310
ShahpurPolice StationMagadhMagadh, Bihar 805108
BajpattiPolice StationRasalpur RoadBajpatti - Rasalpur Rd, Maker, Bihar 841215
HaspuraPolice StationRaghunathpurHaspura - Daudnagar Rd, Raghunathpur, Dindir, Bihar 824120
AurangabadPolice StationOld Gt RoadAurangabad, Bihar 824101
Tariani ChhapraPolice StationTurki RoadTariyani - Turki Rd, Tariani Chhapra, Bihar 843329
AndhratharhiPolice StationAndhra Tharhi RoadAndhratharhi (N), Bihar 847401
HisuaPolice StationMokama RoadMokama Rd, Hisua, Bihar 805103
DhrubgamaPolice StationMirjapurMirjapur, Dhrubgama, Bihar 848301
AnderPolice StationSiwanSiwan, Bihar 841231
NalandaPolice StationMohanpurNh120, Mohanpur, Bihar 803111
NagarnousaPolice StationNagar NausaNagar Nausa, Nalanda, Nh-30A, Bihar Sharif, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 801305
ParashbighaPolice StationJamuawanJamuawan, Bihar 804427
TandwaPolice StationPhulwariaPhulwaria, Bihar 824302
GiriyakPolice StationGiriakNh 31, Giriak, Bihar 803109
ManjhiPolice StationChapra Patna HighwayManjhi, Saran Nh-19, Chapra Patna Highway, Road, Bihar 841313
DhanaruaPolice StationRarhaSh 1, Rarha, Bihar 804451
Neemchak BathaniPolice StationTelariTelari, Bihar 823311
KaraunaPolice StationKorauna RoadKorauna, Bihar 804417
BelaganjTourist Police StationBarabar RoadBelaganj - Barabar Rd, Sultanpur, Bihar 804403
MainpuraPolice OfficeKaliket NagarRps Nagar, Kaliket Nagar, Mainpura, Bihar 801503
ArariaPolice StationPhed ColonyWard No-17, Phed Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311
Bihar Bihar SharifSdpo OfficeKachahri RoadBihar Thana Bus Stop, Kachahri Rd, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
MuzaffarpOffice Of Superintendent Of PoliceCompany Bagh RoadCompany Bagh Road, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 842001
KhanpurPolice StationBhoghopur RoadPolice Station, Bhoghopur Road, Khanpur, Bihar 848117
Aungari DhaamPolice StationAungari RoadAungari Dhaam, Bihar 801301
BarbighaPolice StationGopalbad RoadBarbigha, Bihar 811101
JehanabadRailway Police StationAnugrah Narayan RoadJehanabad, Anugrah Narayan Road Railway Station, Chichmhi, Jehanabad, Bihar
DarbhangaPolice StationTown ThanaTown Thana,, Darbhanga, Bihar
GayaTraffic Police StationDurga BariNh120, Durga Bari, Gaya, Bihar 823001
KasmaPolice StationKashma RoadKasma, Bihar 824208
KadirganjPolice OfficeQadir GanjQadir Ganj, Bihar 805104
SarePolice StationAsthawan-Saksohra RoadAsthawan-Saksohra Rd, Sare, Bihar 803101
BhagwanganjPolice StationNadaul Main RoadBhagwanganj, Bihar 804454
MadhubaniPolice StationNarayan Singh Colony RoadBhoop Narayan Singh Colony Rd, Thana Chowk, Madhubani, Bihar 847211
NawadaPolice LinePolice Line RoadPolice Line Rd, Nawada, Bihar 805111
PatnaDgp OfficeBailey RoadSardar Patel Bhavan, Bailey Rd
ArwalPolice StationSipahTown, Thana To Sahid Keshwar Path, Sipah, Arwal Sipah Panchayat, Bihar 804401
Pawapuri SahayakPolice StationPawapuri Jal Mandir RoadPavapuri, Bihar 803115
SheikhpuraSp OfficeVip RoadSheikhpura, Bihar 811105
TelaidihPolice StationDeoghar RoadTola Telaidih, Bihar 813106
RajgirFire StationMoraRajgir, Bihar 803116
RajgirPolice AcademyMoraMora, Rajgir, Bihar 803117
PatliputraPolice StationSri Krishna PuriNorth Sri Krishna Puri, Patna, Bihar 800013
Shastri NagarPolice StationRajbansi NagarShastri Nagar Road, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800023
MuzaffarpurPolice StationTilak Maidan RoadTilak Maidan Road, Sutapatti, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 842001
KankarbaghPolice StationMalahi Pakdi RoadMalahi Pakdi Road, Housing Board Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar 800020
AgamkuanPolice StationVijay NagarHig Colony, Vijay Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800026
KotwaliPolice StationPatnaNear Museum, Buddh Marg, Patna, Bihar 800001
DidarganjPolice StationSumitra NagarAshok Rajpath, Katra Bazar, Sumitra Nagar, Begampur, Patna, Bihar 800008
DelhaPolice StationDelha Station RoadDelha Station Rd, Delha, Bihar 823002
SohsaraiPolice StationSohsaraiSohsarai, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803118
BihtaPolice StationNear Bihta ChowkNational Highway 30, Near Bihta Chowk, Dist Patna, Bihta, Bihar 801103
MaranchiPolice StationPatna RoadBhagalpur - Patna Rd, Nepal Tola, Maranchi North, Bihar 803301
KeotiranwePolice StationDarbhanga - Aunsi RoadNh 105, Keotiranwe, Bihar 847121
GopalganjPolice StationTown ThanaTown Thana, Gopalganj, Bihar 841428
LaheriPolice StationSherpurSherpur, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
BakhtiyarpurPolice StationSangatNh30, Sangat, Bakhtiarpur, Bihar 803212
MasaurhiPolice StationRahmat GanjUllar, Masaurhi Main Rd, Rahmat Ganj, Satiasthan, Masaurhi, Bihar 804452
KakoPolice StationNational HighwayNational Highway 110, Bara, Bihar 804418

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