How to obtain Absher Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia?

Where to apply to obtain Absher Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia?

To get the letter of a police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia, book an appointment through Absher.

Step 1  Log on to the Absher account and click on the “appointments tab”

Step 2 Click on the Public security option

Step 3 Then click on Forsenic evidence appointments

Step 4 On the next screen, follow two things to book an appointment for the police clearance certificate.


  • Select the region
  • Service: criminal record
  • Select region: select the region of your residence
  • Now select the appointment time

Step 5 Now the next page will give you details of the address  of the police station where you need to submit the documents along with the requirements

Document required to obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia:

  • Original Iqama along with a copy of all applicants’
  • original Passport + copy of all applicants.
  • Letter of endorsement attested by the MOFA

Step 6  Last page will contain the bar code with the confirmation of appointment details.

Step 7  Take the printout of the details.

What is the cost of getting Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia?

  • Once the application has been approved, the fee is non-refundable.
  • 1350 $ (1250$ Agency Fee + 25$ Courier Charges + 25$ Return Courier Charges + 50$)

What is the processing time?

It will take a maximum of two weeks to pick up the certificate from the police station, according to the department.

What is the validity?

You have 60 days until you have to leave Saudi Arabia to complete your journey.

What is the use of the Police Clearance Certificate In Saudi Arabia, Why it is asked?

  • It is an official document provided by the police or government agency of a country that lists any criminal histories the applicant may or may not possess.
  • The Directorate of Saudi Arabian Civil Police (SACP), certifies that the applicant has never participated in any criminal activity that led to the engagement of the Saudi Arabian Police Force, and is also necessary when a person asks for an immigration status to other countries.
  • The PCC is used by the embassy or high commission to determine if the applicant has a criminal record in Saudi Arabia and is an essential aspect of the visa application procedure.


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