How to File a Complaint in Wyoming Police Station, USA?

Procedure to File a Complaint in Wyoming Police Station

  • In an emergency, dial 911 to contact the Public Safety Communication Centre.
  • If you want to report a crime or an incident, phone (307) 235-8278.
  • To file a complaint with the Casper Police Department, please use the online form below. A form can also be submitted by e-mail, mail, or in person.
  • The incident will be examined once the form is submitted, and a supervisor will contact you.
  • You can send the details below

in-person: CPD Records section
mail: 201 North David Street Casper, Wyoming 82601.

Documents Required

  1. Personal identification: Bring a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your identity.
  2. Any evidence or documentation related to the incident: Bring any evidence or documentation related to the incident, such as photos, videos, emails, or text messages. These can help support your complaint and provide the police with additional information.
  3. Witnesses’ contact information: If there were witnesses to the incident, provide their contact information to the police so they can be interviewed.
  4. Medical records: If you were injured during the incident, bring any medical records or reports related to your injuries.
  5. Police report or incident number: If a police report has already been filed or an incident number has been assigned, provide this information to the police to help them locate the file and understand the context of your complaint.

List of police stations in Wyoming

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