How to File a Complaint in Vietnam Police Station?

File a Complaint in Vietnam Police Station

Vietnam Police Contact Information

Procedure to File a Complaint in Vietnam Police Station

  1. Identify the relevant police station: Find the police station that is responsible for the area where the incident occurred.
  2. Prepare your complaint: Write down your complaint in detail, including the date, time, location, and any witnesses or evidence that may support your case.
  3. Bring your identification: Bring your identification documents, such as your passport or ID card, to the police station.
  4. Go to the police station: Go to the police station during its opening hours and ask to speak with the duty officer or a police officer.
  5. Present your complaint: Present your complaint to the officer and provide them with any supporting documents or evidence.
  6. Wait for an investigation: The police will investigate your complaint and may ask you for more information or evidence.
  7. Follow up: If you have not heard back from the police after a reasonable amount of time, you can follow up with the police station to inquire about the status of your complaint.

*You can also visit the website of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam at for more information and contact details of the police departments.

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