How to File a Complaint in New Zealand Police Station?

Procedure to report a crime

There are various ways through which a complaint can be made. Call 111 in an emergency.

When to call 111

  • Someone has been seriously hurt or is in grave danger.
  • There is a significant danger to life or property.
  • A crime is being committed, and the perpetrators are either still present or have just fled the scene.
  • You’ve encountered a huge public annoyance, such as a highway blocked by trees.
  • Any of these events is currently occurring or has recently occurred.


  • The 105 non-emergency number is for incidents that have already occurred and do not require immediate police help.
  • 105 is a 24-hour, nationwide service that can be reached by phone (105) or online.
  • Any scenario that does not necessitate the immediate presence of the police or emergency services should be reported.
  • Request an update or addition to a previously completed report.

How to report by phone

  • Just call 111 but if the matter is not urgent call 105.
  • Any report taken by the police will be examined to see if it contains enough information to pursue. Police will contact you to inform you of the outcome of the investigation.

How to report in person

  • To find out what to do next, go to your local station and speak with the person at the front desk. It’s possible that you’ll be able to speak with a cop right away.
  • Although appointments are not usually necessary, it is important to call ahead to guarantee that someone will be available to serve you.



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