How to File a Complaint in New York City Police Department?

Newyork City Police Department:(NYPD)-History, Administration, Authority

Newyork City Police Department:

The New York City Police Department (NYPD or NYCPD), formally called the City of New York Police Department, was set up in 1845 and is the biggest city police power in the United States.

The NYPD has a wide cluster of specific administrations, including the Emergency Service Unit, harbor watch, air bolster, bomb transfer, counter-terrorism ect.

Types Of Complaints:

Regarding Newyork City Police Department complaints can be made in two different ways,

  • Complaint with Newyork City Police Department
  • Complaint against Newyork City Police Department

        Civilian Criminal Review Board:(CCRB)

  •  It is a board of the Government of Newyork City.
  • The CCRB is tasked with investigating, mediating, and prosecuting misconduct complaints on the NYPD’s part.

How to make a complaint report with Newyork City Police Department?

Emergency Procedure:

If you are in immediate danger or have been a victim of a crime, please call 911.

You can report a crime and get the required assistance from NPYD regardless of your immigrant status.

Normal procedure:

If the crime happened some time ago and there is no immediate or ongoing risk of danger to you or another person, please call your local precinct to discuss the details of your situation.

For other non-emergencies, please call 311.

Or else, The complaint report can be given to the police officer, if anybody is around nearby or to the precinct Housing Bureau Police Service Area, or Transit Bureau District.

Complaint Report Form: An overview

Anyone can access the complaint form and fill in the needful information like,

  1. Name of the complainant, address
  2. Firm or individual upon which complaint to be registered, address.
  3. Submitted to any other attorney or agency?
  4. Is court action pending?
  5. Brief description of the complaint
  6. Documents relating to the complaint(not originals)
  7. Dated with Sign ends the complaint report.
  8. And can be given to the police officer of the corresponding precinct.

Link on the original Complaint Form given below:

Complaint Report Form 

Other Frequently asked questions on Filing a complaint with NYPD:

 Time limit to  report a crime:

There is no such time limit to report a crime. However, it is best to report the crime as soon as possible. Timely reporting may prevent the loss or destruction of valuable evidence.

In addition, most crimes are subject to various statute-of-limitation restrictions, which prevent the prosecution of those crimes after the passage of a designated period of years.

Age factor to file a complaint:

As far as Newyork City Police Department is concerned, there is no such age limitation to report a crime. Anyone can report a crime.

But, in the case of a minor, depending upon the circumstances, a police officer may be required by law to speak to an adult in their family.

How do I get the number of a complaint report?

To obtain a complaint report number, call any police precinct during the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If the precinct you are calling is not where the crime occurred, you should tell the officer with whom you are speaking that the crime did not occur in that precinct.

How to get a copy of the complaint report and need pay for it?

The complainant can request a Verification of Crime report by completing the Verification of Crime/Lost Property form.

If the complainant is the victim of a crime, the verification will be free of charge.

If the complainant is requesting a Verification of Crime/Lost Property report, they must enclose a stamped, self-addressed 9 1/2″ X 4″ envelope and mail all requests to

N.Y.C. Police Department,
Criminal Records Section (Verification Unit),
1 Police Plaza, Room 508,
New York,
NY 10038.

They must have the number of the complaint report to complete the Verification of Crime/Lost Property form.

How to find out the status of the complaint in New York Police department?

The complainant had filed a complaint and regarding the status of the complaint can be done by the following ways.

The complaint should call the precinct where their complaint/crime was recorded and learn the status of their case.

Locating the precinct nearest to them is a must.

New York City is divided into 77 police precincts, and each precinct is divided into sectors that correspond, as much as possible, with the boundaries of actually established neighborhoods.

If don’t want to proceed with the complaint?

The complaints are not obligated to participate in an investigation; however, the NYPD may continue to investigate and, in some cases, make an arrest, regardless of whether they would like to proceed or not.

For more information in detail, and the latest updates and reforms in  Newyork City Police Department  please visit,

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