How to file a complaint in Netherland Police?

How to make a complaint at Netherland Police?

Every people have their right to complaint about any theft or not treating properly from the other police officer(s) or anything. You can check the procedure to file a complaint here below:

You can submit the complaint within one year of the incident that has or had happened to you

  1. Fill the complaint form online
  2. Description (subject) about your complaint
  3. Enter the place, date and time of the incident.
  4. Specify more about the incident whether it’s about road / street / house / any
  5. Enter your name, contact number, address, email
  6. Enter all the required details and submit
  7. Once you have submitted the form, your complaint will be reviewed and responded as soon as possible.

Netherland police service center: 0900-8844

File a claim if the Netherland police cause a damage to the property

  1. File online claim here
  2. Describe about your damage
  3. Enter the list of damaged products
  4. Enter the date and time of damage
  5. If the damage happened at the rental property, enter the landlord’s details such as their name, address
  6. If you have already registered a complaint with the police, enter the registration number
  7. Enter the required details and submit.
  8. Once submitted, your complaint will be reviewed and responded as soon as possible.

For more details, visit here

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