How to File a Complaint in Luxembourg Police Station?

You can lodge a complaint in Luxembourg at any police station or Public Prosecutor’s office. In some circumstances, you can also submit a police complaint online.

Who are eligible?

  • Anyone who has been a victim of a certain kind of theft may report it.

What is the prerequisite?

thefts (wallet, luggage, purse, bicycle, phone/tablet, computer, computer medium, camera, jewelry):

  • with an unknown perpetrator
  • during which nobody was injured;
  • without recourse to violence
  • which presents no usable material evidence
  • cases where fuel is stolen at the petrol station

Procedure to file a complaint

  • Must include whether for himself or for a person under his responsibility.
  • It is possible to include a photo or receipt for the item that was taken (s). This will make the duty of the investigator easier. At the conclusion of the data-entering procedure, these papers can be affixed to the report.
  • where applicable, the personal data of the victim
  • and the circumstances of the theft.
  • Even though a specific police station receives and processes online reports, the complainant must nevertheless provide the contact information for a different station in case they need him to appear in person.
  • You can check the forms here.
  • For further details contact here.


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