How to check if you have a police case / criminal record in UAE?

Procedure to check if you have a police case/criminal record in UAE

Step by step procedure to How to check police cases in UAE

1. Log on to the website.

Dubai police website

2. Then click on the Criminal section and choose the Criminal Status of Financial Cases.

Criminal status

3. Enter the emirates Id and verify with SMS.

Enter the details

What documents are required?

  • Emirates Id
  • Passport

How to check the status if a police case in UAE is cleared or not?

  • Log on to the website.
  • Click on Laws and legislation under that tab click court judgment

laws and legislation

  • Under the court, judgment fill in the details (category and year)

Court judgement

How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in UAE?

List of Police Stations in Dubai

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