How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Nepal?

What is a Police clearance certificate in Nepal?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Nepal is an official document issued by the Nepal Police that certifies an individual’s criminal record or lack thereof within the country. It’s often required for various purposes like immigration, employment abroad, or residency applications.

Procedure to obtain Police Clearance Certificate

  1. Visit the Police Office: Go to the District Police Office or the Metropolitan Police Office, depending on your location.
  2. Required Documents: Carry your identification documents (citizenship card, passport), application form (available at the office or online), passport-sized photos, and any supporting documents required.
  3. Fill out the Application: Complete the application form accurately, providing personal details and reasons for requesting the PCC.
  4. Submit Application: Submit the filled application form along with the required documents to the designated counter at the police office.
  5. Fee Payment: Pay the prescribed fee for processing the PCC. The fee amount may vary based on the urgency and specific requirements.
  6. Verification and Processing: The police authorities will verify the provided information and process the request. This might involve a background check to confirm if any criminal record exists.
  7. Certificate Collection: Once processed, return to the office within the specified timeframe to collect the Police Clearance Certificate.

Nepal Police Clearance Form

Police Clearance Form

List of Police Stations in Nepal

View the List of Police Stations in Nepal Address, Phone Number, Email, Hours and Website through the above link.

How to get a police clearance Certificate

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