How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Telangana Police, India?

What is a Police clearance certificate in Telangana?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Telangana is an official document issued by the police verifying an individual’s criminal record or affirming their lack of a criminal history within the state, often required for various purposes such as employment, visas, or immigration.

Procedure to obtain Police Clearance Certificate

  1. Visit the Local Police Station: Go to the police station that has jurisdiction over your residential address or the area where you have lived.
  2. Request the Application Form: Ask for the application form for the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Fill it out accurately and completely.
  3. Prepare Required Documents: Gather necessary documents like proof of identity (Aadhaar card, passport, etc.), proof of address, and any other documents specified by the police.
  4. Submit the Application: Submit the filled application form along with the required documents to the police station.
  5. Verification Process: The police will conduct verification procedures which may involve background checks and inquiries to confirm your criminal record status.
  6. Processing Time: The time taken for processing can vary, but it usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks.
  7. Wait for Approval: Wait for the verification process to be completed. If everything is in order, the Police Clearance Certificate will be issued.
  8. Collection of Certificate: Return to the police station on the specified date to collect your Police Clearance Certificate.

What is the service fee?

  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC): Rs.500/-

List of Telangana Police Stations in India

View the List of Police Stations in Telangana, India Address, Phone Number, Email, Hours and Website through the above link.

How to get a police clearance Certificate

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