How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Tamil Nadu Police, India?

What is a Police clearance certificate in Tamil Nadu?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Tamil Nadu is an official document issued by the police authorities. It verifies an individual’s criminal record status within a specified period, typically stating whether they have any criminal convictions or pending charges within that jurisdiction.

Procedure to obtain Police Clearance Certificate

  1. Visit the Local Police Station: Go to the police station nearest to your residence or the jurisdiction where you’ve lived.
  2. Request PCC Application Form: Ask for the application form for a Police Clearance Certificate. Fill out the form accurately and completely.
  3. Submit Required Documents: Along with the filled application form, submit supporting documents like proof of identity (passport, Aadhaar card, etc.), address proof, and any other documents the police station may require.
  4. Verification Process: The police will conduct background checks based on the information provided in the application.
  5. Pay Fees: There might be a fee associated with the application. Pay the necessary fee as per the guidelines.
  6. Collection of PCC: After the verification process is completed, you will be notified when the Police Clearance Certificate is ready for collection. Visit the police station to collect the certificate.
  7. Follow-Up: If there are any delays or if you need further information, follow up with the police station regarding the status of your application.

Tamil Nadu Police Clearance Form

Police Clearance Form

List of Tamil Nadu Police Stations in India

View the List of Police Stations in Tamil Nadu, India Address, Phone Number, Email, Hours and Website through the above link.

How to get a police clearance Certificate

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