How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate in St Asaph Police, UK?

What is a Police clearance certificate in St Asaph?

A Police Clearance Certificate in St. Asaph is an official document issued by the police authorities, verifying an individual’s criminal record status or lack thereof within the region. It’s often required for various purposes such as employment, immigration, or residency.

Procedure to obtain Police Clearance Certificate

Contact St. Asaph Police

  • Contact the St. Asaph Police Department to inquire about the process and requirements for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate. You can visit their website or call their non-emergency contact number for guidance.

Application Form

  • Obtain the application form from the St. Asaph Police website or by visiting their office in person. Fill out the form completely and accurately.


  • Prepare the necessary documentation as per the requirements stated by St. Asaph Police. This may include proof of identity (passport or driver’s license), proof of address, and any other supporting documents.

Fee Payment


  • Submit the completed application form along with the required documents and payment to the designated office of St. Asaph Police. You may need to do this in person or by mail, depending on their instructions.


  • The St. Asaph Police will process your application, which may involve conducting a background check. The processing time can vary, so inquire about the expected timeframe during submission.

Certificate Issuance

  • Once your application is approved and the background check is clear, St. Asaph Police will issue the Police Clearance Certificate to you either in person or by mail, as per your preference and their procedures.

Verification (if required)

  • If the certificate needs to be verified by a third party, be sure to follow the necessary steps for authentication.

Use of Certificate

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St Asaph Police Clearance Form

Police Clearance Form

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How to get a police clearance Certificate

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