How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Oman

Why Police Clearance Certificate in Oman is required?

  • Through this procedure, both Omani nationals and ex-pats who are currently living in Oman or have previously lived there can obtain a Police Clearance Certificate.

Who are eligible?

  • Companies, individuals, Government entities, and all community sections.

Procedure to apply

  • A request and any necessary documentation are submitted to the Directorate.
  • The applicant is the subject of a security investigation.
  • If there are no records registered, a certificate is issued.
  • If the applicant is outside of Oman, the certificate is either personally delivered to them or mailed to their home address.
  • Omani natives or expatriates living outside of Oman must submit an application.
  • Attached must be a letter from the sponsor of the expatriates.
  • An Application Form should be filled in.

Documents Required

  • a photocopy of an Omani national’s passport or identification card
  • a copy of the foreign national’s passport or labor card if they currently reside in Oman.
  • 2 photos size 2×3.

What is the processing time?

  • 1 week

What are the fees?

  • For expatriates residing outside of Oman, RO 3 in cash or a bank draught plus mail costs for submitting the request
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