How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Federal Police, Germany?

Procedure to apply for Police Clearance Certificate in Federal Police, Germany

In case applying in person:

  • The applicant must submit their application to the local registration office (Meldebehörde, which issues register certificates) where they are currently registered.
  • Check the offices here.
  • Schedule a meeting. Bring the application that has been completed to the appropriate office.
  • The applicant must pay the recommended fee for the certificate.
  • Upon notification or in accordance with regulations, the certificate may be picked up in person from the office where the applicant applied.


Bundesamt für Justiz, Besucherservice,Adenauerallee 99 – 103, 53113 Bonn.

Applying online

  • If you have a valid and acknowledged electronic signature, such as an electronic residency permit and a card-reading device, you can apply online.
  • Apply here online.
  • To access the online application page, please choose the “apply for a certificate of good conduct” option on the left side of the website.
  • Fill in all the details and upload all the documents.
  • Make the payment.
  • After processing, the applicant will receive notification for receiving the certificate in accordance with the standards.

Required Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Id
  • Valid Address
  • National identification card.
  • Proof of fee payment.
  • Passport photograph
  • Email id

Eligibility requirement

  • applicant holding a current passport and a current proof of address
  • 16 years of age or older. If a juvenile has not reached the age of 16, the parent exercising parental authority must submit the application on their behalf.
  • The applicant’s present residence must match that on the passport and any other supporting documents.

What are the fees?

  • Each certificate of conduct costs 13 euros.

What is the processing time?

  • Usually two weeks. The time may increase depending on the mode or nation.

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