How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Bahrain?

Procedure to apply for Police Clearance Certificate in Bahrain

  • The applicant must submit a filled-out application form.

  • The applicant must include their entire name, date of birth, site of each Bahraini residence, length of stay, and complete addresses.

  • The certificate will be delivered by postal mail to the forwarding address that the applicants specified in their application.

Documents Required

  • Old Passport Copy with Visa and Stamp pages
  • Application form
  • PCC processing fee
  • 5 Passport Size photo with white background
  • New Passport copy
  • Photocopy of Bahrain Residence Permit
  • Photocopy of CPR (Central Population Registration) Identification Card
  • Good Conduct Certificate Form (must be filled and signed by the applicant).
  • Other documents to support a Bahrain visit, like an employment contract, etc.

Where to apply?

  • The “General Directorate of Criminal Investigation” issues police clearance certificates in Bahrain. Bahrain PCC is also available from Bahraini embassies and consulates overseas, however, it must first be approved by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

Applications should be sent to:
Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID)
P.O. Box 26698, Manama
State of Bahrain

What is the processing time?

  • It generally takes  8 business weeks.

What is the cost?

  • Application fee – 130 Thai Baht
  • Legalization fee – 2,000 Php
  • Mailing fee – 1500 Php

What is the validity?

  • A police clearance can only be used for six months after it has been given.

What is the use of a Police Clearance Certificate, Why it is asked?

  • A police clearance certificate, often known as a PCC, is an official document that the police or other government agency of a nation issues after conducting a background investigation to determine whether the applicant has any criminal convictions.
  • Arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings are all included in criminal records.
  • Employment needs,
  • Starting commercial activities,
  • marriage purposes, foreign travel needs,
  • conducting businesses,
  • engaging in professional jobs,
  • getting a school license or other licenses,
  • becoming a lawyer etc.

How to apply if you are outside Bahrain?

  • Return to Bahrain and submit your application in person, OR request a representative (a friend, relative, or coworker) in Bahrain to submit your application at the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) on your behalf and follow the directions above.
  • Or Can visit the nearest Embassy of Bahrain along with documents.

How to request for good conduct certificate in Bahrain? Whom to contact?

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Interior issues a Good Conduct Certificate, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides this service for people who live abroad and want help following through on the process.

  • Visit the Bahraini Mission overseas to turn in all the necessary paperwork.
  • Make sure that the necessary paperwork and data are present. The applicant will be contacted by phone to complete any missing documents and information if they are submitted.
  • To issue the necessary certificate, work with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior.
  • Send the certificate to the Bahraini Mission abroad.
  • Collect the Good Conduct Certificate.
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